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Plastics Reprocessing

Plastics reprocessing

Our core service is the reprocessing of rigid plastics. It is possible to segregate plastics by various means, based on their density, as well as other properties. We take post consumer and post production plastics and turn it into high quality regrind for reuse in industry.

The process is quite simple in theory. Its how we do it that is special.

First of all we take out any remaining contamination such as wood and metal.
We then grind plastic down to manageable pieces.
This is then put through a series of cyclones and water baths to sort and separate the different types of plastics.
Finally, we regrind the plastic and put it into bags of approximately one tonne ready for sale.
The resulting material is then sold to be re used in manufacturing.
The process we use can be classed as an upgrading process – turning a waste product into a material available for reuse.

The whole process has a closed water and dust treatment and utilises only bio-degradable additives so is kind to the environment itself.

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